Soothing Peptide Gel



These products are only sold at select physician ans spa locations.Spa-Exclusive Products feature Higher-Level Active Ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription.

Key Ingredients
Liposome Delivery System | Helps to speed up the skin’s natural healing process
Sodium Hyaluronate Biogel | Helps create an invisible shield on skin to trap in moisture and protect skin from environmental aggressors
Rosmarinyl, Caffeyl and Gallyl Glucosides | Helps to soothe sensitive and reactive skin and reduces the appearance of redness


  • Instant, Lasting Hydration

    Relief is a water-based, soothing serum infused with a unique sodium hyaluronate gel that delivers instant hydration and relief to dry, sensitive or post-procedural skin. The gel creates an invisible shield that locks in moisture to recondition the skin and help protect it against environmental aggressors and future damage.