Dry skin does not produce enough oil.

Alipidic skin lacks oil (lipids).

The follicles are usually small and the sebum is minimal.

If you can barely see the follicles or they are small,

this indicates a dry skin type.


The natural oil secretions in our follicles help protect us

from environmental damage and aging.

Dry skin needs extra care because it lacks this normal protection.

Dry skin is more sensitive because the acid mantle and barrier function

are not as healthy due to lack of lipids.

Skin texture can be slightly rough and feel tight.


Stimulating oil production and protecting the surface

is imperative to taking care of dry skin.

Occlusive products are thick and lay on top of the skin to reduce

TransEpidermal Water Loss, also known as TEWL.


These products help hold in moisture and protect the

skin's top barrier layer, which combats dryness.