Combination skin can be both oily and dry,

or both oily and normal at the same time.


The T-zone through the middle of the face on

the forehead, nose, and chin is oilier. 

This area has more sebaceous glands and larger pores.


The outer areas of the face can be either normal or dry

and can even appear flaky from either dehydration

or buildup of dead skin cells.


If you can see the follicle size is more obvious and looks

medium to larger outside the T-zone on the cheeks,

this is an indication of a combination skin type.

Combination skin needs to be balanced and

requires more care than normal skin does.

To care for combination skin,

the oil-water balance can be achieved

by treating both the oily and dryer areas of the face.


Proper maintenance including cleansing and regular exfoliation

help to keep skin clear and blemishes minimal.

Water-based products work best for combination skin.


Avoid harsh products, excessive cleansing,

and rough exfoliating on all skin types.